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You might be reading this as a professional event planner, or you might be the internal event planner who handles everything as an employee.  Regardless of your position, the corporate event you will be orchestrating will involve various components.  Whatever the event, small or large, everything needs decision making - you have to decide on the venue, the menu, the decorations, and sometimes music and entertainment.  If your event includes music, and if you’re looking for corporate DJs in Burlington, The Music Company should be on your list of considerations.

Everyone usually starts things off by deciding on an event theme - it doesn’t have to be fancy or elaborate, but obviously a sales conference has a different set of parameters than the annual company picnic.  All of the choices you make will stem from the theme - choices about the menu, perhaps the décor, and maybe the entertainment and/or music.  Naturally, the event theme will reflect the essence of the event, and will tie-in with the kind of attendees and participants who will be attending the event.

The event budget is an important component of the planning.  It has a bearing on the extent of spending, and determines the priority of each event component.  Once you decide to work with The Music Company, you can be sure that we will work within your budget, and we don’t offer anything that is beyond the budget.  If your event only calls for the services of an MC, we can do that.  If you require a full-fledged sound system, we can do that too.  If you want, we can even do it all for you:  the music, the entertainment, the lighting, the décor the DJ and the MC.

TMC will work on your event right from the planning stages to the production itself.  We have produced many corporate events, and can handle a sales manager’s forum just as easily as we can handle the launch of a new company product.  You’re the client, so we work according to your instructions and your vision for the event.  When it comes to the music and entertainment, that’s our specialty, and we handle all of the creative, production and technical requisites.  This allows for clients to feel confident about handling other components.

When you decide to hire The Music Company, you’ll appreciate our professionalism.  Beyond our reliability, we enter into a business relationship that is built on trust and integrity.  We work with a written contract that is designed to protect your interests and ours, and we make sure that everyone understands the obligations and expectations of the contractual agreement.  We also include provisions for things that might be unexpected.  As a matter of course, we meet regularly with clients, and make an effort of working together wherever possible. 

We know that searching for corporate DJs in Burlington may take some time before making that final decision, so we give you that time.  We hold your date for a reasonable period of time, and look forward to a decision that includes TMC as your partner.  We do not get into high-pressure sales, and we do not get into up selling - we just want to deliver the best possible DJ services, and produce the best possible show.  We also do not sub-contract our services – you will be working with us from start to finish.

The DJs at TMC have performed at corporate events in numerous venues.  Chances are, we have performed at an event in the location you have chosen.  Whatever the case, we do our homework to make sure everything is covered.  We check the room size and layout; we assess the acoustics and the electrics; we make sure that shipping and receiving facilities are acceptable; and we get familiar with any security procedures.  When we arrive on site, we have everything we need to produce a great event, and deliver everything you asked for.

Our DJs and MCs are some of the top talents in the business.  We choose them for their technique and style, and assign them to an event based on their compatibility.  Our music inventory is expansive, and anything additional can be sourced with ease.  The TMC team also enjoys putting new ideas together – but we don’t push ideas onto our clients - we prefer working together to produce an effective and successful event.  After over 1,000 events, we know what kind of things work well, and we make those suggestions accordingly.

When working with TMC, you’ll appreciate our high regard for timetables, deadlines, and budgets.  This is your event, and we want to accommodate your needs.  Providing DJs is our livelihood, so we want to guarantee client satisfaction.  We are therefore committed to producing a high-quality event, providing all of the services that were promised, and delivering the best dollar value we can.  We also want our clients to be happy, so that they refer new clients – after all, that’s how we build our business.

For event planners who want a little something special, The Music Company can build you a customized event website, something that is created expressly for your event.  The mini-website will be interactive, user-friendly, and easily managed online.  It can be handed over to an assistant who can independently manage the mechanics of this task.  TMC will expertly design the website site to match the event theme, and will include social media features like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so that everyone is involved and inter-connected. 

Whatever form and structure your corporate event takes, and regardless of its size, The Music Company can help you to achieve your goals.  Your event may require only the basics - a DJ and an MC - or you may want the entire entertainment package (music, décor, sound and light).  The thing is, we can do it all, and we can deliver great results.  If you’re in the process of searching for corporate DJs in Burlington, then consider The Music Company for your corporate event.  You’ll be one of our satisfied customers - pleased with an event that exceeded their expectations.

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