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Frequently Asked Questions about Event Production and DJ Services

How would you describe your customer service approach?

Regardless of the size or scope of the event, we meet face-to-face with our clients.  Of course, phone calls and emails are an effective way to communicate, but we make sure that you meet the people who will be working on your event.  Throughout the process, the team at The Music Company ensures that your event requisites are being accommodated.

How adaptable is your team with different event protocols?

The people assigned to your particular event (including our experienced DJ team) are very knowledgeable with respect to various event protocols.  We understand the difference between a black-tie event and an intimate 60th birthday party – we know how to create the right mood; generate the atmosphere you want; and energize your guests on the dance floor.

Do you provide a formal contract or agreement for the event?

The Music Company provides a written agreement that protects you the client, and us as the service provider.  We don’t bog you down with papers, but it is important to articulate money-related issues, your special requisites, and any conditions for cancellation.  Most importantly, insurance coverage, including liability insurance, is included in the agreement.

What types of events do you produce and what is your specialty?

We have created and produced a vast number of events:  Bar Mitzvahs; Sweet Sixteens; Corporate Events; and Weddings.  With this kind of experience, the people at The Music Company bring a specialized approach to every event, function and affair.  Whatever the scope or size, we grasp the environment we’re working in, and always focus on the fine details.

How would you describe your specific experience with weddings? 

We recognize that weddings are a very distinct environment, with unique dynamics and with specific technical requirements.  We also understand how very special this day can be, and the obvious need for unique requests and special needs.  The Music Company has worked in all kinds of wedding venues and has established solid working relationships with all.

How can I best choose the right company for my special event?

Every event has its own built-in stresses, so try to make the selection process simple and straightforward.  Ask the basic questions, including the questions posted here – but more importantly, get direct, frank and honest answers from the companies you are considering.  The fundamentals of decision-making are the same for every event; it’s just a matter of scope and scale.

What can your DJ team do to make my event special and unique?

The Music Company is quite specialized when it comes to DJ services - DJ teams are experts at customizing music formats, meeting your precise requisites, and handling all of the technical aspects of sound and lighting.  Beyond that, we know exactly how to generate audience interest and interactivity.  Everything we do is based on your needs, and the uniqueness of your event.

How can I be sure that everything is included in the final price?

The money discussion is always sensitive, and in most cases, it’s a factor in making the final choice.  At The Music Company you will receive a written quote describing the scope of the agreement (and a total price).  We also provide a written contract, which is designed to protect you and our company.  Finally, we will discuss deposits, booking dates, changes, and even cancellations.

Does TMC have insurance coverage in case something happens?

Business insurance is essential, as is liability insurance – its designed to protect our company, you the client, and your guests.  Insurance coverage is for emergencies, and the best insurance is the one you don’t ever have to use.  But any event with alcohol and partying has the realistic potential for accidents – even if it’s a minor mishap with the DJ’s own equipment.

Do you handle technical aspects and equipment requirements?

Today, everything has gone digital, and The Music Company is well positioned with the latest equipment, and the required technical expertise.  Whatever the need, we can handle it:  microphones; speakers; projectors; video devices; even the high-tech streaming equipment.  We take full responsibility for the production, and we always work within your defined parameters.

How will your DJ team fashion the music mix for my event?

Music mixing is a fairly basic skill, and the professionals at The Music Company are skilled and proficient.  We will mix music according to your wants, and we’ll create a seamless transition, whether it’s the background music for dinner, or the energized tracks for the dance floor.  The mix will reflect the style and tempo that you want, and everything will be customized to suit.

To what extent are you involved in planning our event music?

When you hire The Music Company, you’re contracting our music expertise and our production experience.  We can offer you plenty of ideas and concepts, once we know your wants and desires.  Our extensive knowledge of music, as well as our broad understanding of the various music genres allows us to create the exact mood and atmosphere that you want for your event.

What different kinds of music can we find in your collection?

We have an existing library of music that is gigantic.  And because music has almost entirely been transformed into digital format, there’s not much we can’t source.  In every case, we work closely with you, and around your wishes and aspirations for the event - it’s your call - from traditional rock to classical; from easy listening to jazz; and from international music to hip hop.

Can we have references, or speak with your previous clients?

The staff at The Music Company can provide references upon request.  We can put you in touch with previous clients who would be happy to discuss the quality of our productions, our business integrity, and our customer service.  We know only too well how important your event is, and we want to make certain that you are fully satisfied with your decision to choose us.

How is the contractual paperwork handled prior to the event?

As mentioned prior, contracts are intended to protect everyone involved.  We don’t use pressure tactics, and it’s possible to take the contract with you for consideration. There is a fixed window for signing contracts, during which time we hold your date and our team.  But out of fairness, the window is fixed, and if you decide not to move ahead, we would release the date and team.

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