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How to best hire the perfect DJ for your wedding?

Like any purchase you make – whether a product or service – its best to ask the right questions.  Not only are you entitled to ask, it’s your responsibility.  And the fact is, the more you know, the better decisions you make.  Do the homework; do the research; ask the questions; and then hire the perfect DJ for your wedding.
It’s probably a good idea to hire a company that is in business full time – it means the DJs are serious, and the business is their livelihood.  Ask them how many weddings they perform in a given year, and request references with contact numbers, in order to make inquiries from previous clients.  If this company has already been referred to you, you’ve likely had a chance to ask some questions.  And if you’re internet savvy, you’ve probably come across some reviews or comments in the course of researching.  Clearly, you want to stay away from a company that strikes you as problematic.

It might also be important for you if the DJ is an independent contractor, or an entertainment company. There are benefits to both options, but a company with various resources might be able to offer more.  Amongst other things, an established DJ company will have the proper business insurance, an inventory of back-up equipment, and replacement personnel, just in case.

Here’s an important question to ask:  do they have experience working on weddings?  It’s a very unique event environment, and the DJ should be comfortable with the dynamics, and familiar with the technical requirements.  It’s also appropriate to ask if they have worked in the specific venue you have chosen for your wedding.  Again, there are positives and negatives, but having already worked in the venue of our choice means that they have an established relationship, and are acquainted with features of the location.
Let’s talk about business insurance for a moment.  Insurance is designed for emergencies – and the best insurance is the one you don’t have to use.  A wedding event involves alcohol and partying, with a realistic potential for accidents – even a mishap with the DJ’s own equipment.  Without doubt, insurance coverage is crucial – to protect yourself; your guests; and the DJ company itself.

Depending on your personal requisites, it may be important for you that the company you choose has an office, perhaps a sign of established professionalism.  An office is quite often a reflection of the company itself, and a visual statement of their business approach.  If it’s important to you, make a visit to the office, and ask all of your questions right there and then.

Finally - the money questions - an important category, and in most cases, a determining factor in choosing your provider.  First, inquire about the total price, and get a written quote describing the scope of the deal.  Second, find out about written contracts, and required deposits – at one point you’ll actually have to book the date and reserve your DJ.  At this stage it may be appropriate to ask about cancelling, changing, or even backing out – better to know ahead of time.

Last, but not least, you should be looking for a good fit in terms of a business relationship – make an effort to determine if your personality and temperament jives with the people you’re hiring for one of the most important events in your life.

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