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Corporate DJs in Oakville - Music Services For Corporate Events

Putting together a corporate event (large or small) usually involves various event components.  You might be a professional event planner with your own clients, or an internal event planner that manages everything for your company.  Whatever the event, everything requires deliberation - decisions have to be made on the venue, the food, the décor, and of course, the music.  If you’re planning to include music or entertainment, and if you’re searching for corporate DJs in Oakville, then The Music Company should be at the top of your list.

Coming up with a concept is always a good starting point for any corporate event – and it doesn’t necessarily have to be something elaborate.  Clearly, a cocktail party for the sales staff will have different requirements than an annual company-wide gathering.  But, everything will stem from the concept or theme - the choice of food, the type of décor, and the entertainment/music.  The theme should also reflect the objectives of the event, and should somehow associate with the target audience and participants who will be attending the event.

An important consideration for any event is the budget, since it will affect the spending priority of the different event components.  When you work with The Music Company, it’s important for us to work with your project’s budget - that way we won’t be suggesting anything that is beyond the budget.  If you only need an MC, we can provide that.  If you require a full PA system or some special lighting effects, we can do that as well.  And if you want the full package of music, lighting, DJ with MC, and live entertainment, we can do it all.

At TMC, we’ll be working with you throughout the entirety of your event – right from planning to production.  We’ve produced many corporate events over the years, and can easily handle a smaller sales conference or a massive product launch.  And since you’re the client, we’ll follow your lead, and produce everything according to your parameters.  When it comes to the music and entertainment, that’s our specialty – and it includes all of the production and technical requisites that make for a successful corporate event.

When you decide to work with TMC, you’ll appreciate our professional approach.  We are reliable and trustworthy, and we enter into a business arrangement that becomes a trusted relationship.  We provide a written contract that is designed to protect both the client and the company, and make sure that everyone understands their obligations and expectations.  We also make provisos for things that are unplanned or unexpected.  We always meet with prospective clients face-to-face, so that we experience some mutual chemistry, and develop a connection. 

We know that shopping for corporate DJs in Oakville may require some time for decision-making. Our policy at TMC is to give you that time - we’ll secure your “event date” for a reasonable amount of time, and hope to confirm everything when you decide.  We don’t do high-pressure sales, and we don’t do “up selling”.  We just want to provide clients with the best corporate DJ services, and an event that is stellar.  Its also our policy not to sub-contract anything - we will be working with you from idea development, to planning, to the event.

With years of experience, TMC has produced corporate events in many parts of the region.  We have probably produced something at the location you’ve chosen for your event.  But we still do all the homework: we get familiar with the size and layout of the room; we inquire about any security procedures; we check out the acoustics and electricals; and we even make sure that the shipping and receiving facilities are adequate. We have all the technical equipment and technical knowledge to produce virtually any program you could ask for.

As for the DJ, the music and the entertainment, we have some of the top talent in the business.  DJs and MCs are selected according to method and style, and are assigned to a corporate event according to their suitability.  Everyone at TMC is passionate about music.  Our music collection is extensive, and we can source virtually anything you want.  We also enjoy creating new ideas and approaches – we don’t push anything on our clients, but we do work together to create and produce the best possible event.  After more than 1,000 successful events produced, we know what works well and what to suggest.

From Day 1, the team at TMC works with you to accommodate your timetable, your deadlines, and, of course, your budget.  Corporate DJ services is our business, so our objective is always to ensure client satisfaction – it includes producing a successful event, making sure we provide the services contracted, and delivering the best dollar value possible.  Most important is that we want our clients to refer other corporate clients based on their satisfaction.  In fact, that’s how we build our business and manage our growth – one satisfied customer at a time.

For event planners that want to go to the maximum with their event, TMC can build you a small website, specifically designed for the event.  It will be customized, personalized, interactive, and user-friendly.  The event can be efficiently managed, in a stress-free environment, and assigned to someone who can handle the task independently.  Our people will design a website with features that match your theme, and with built-in social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter:  everyone will be connected, everyone will be in the loop, and everything will be documented. 

Whatever you decide to do with your corporate event, and whether it’s a smaller endeavor or a large scale one, TMC can help you achieve your objectives.  You may decide that you only need some basics, or you may decide that you want everything: music, entertainment, lighting and sound.  We can do it, and we can do it with great results.  If you’re currently searching for corporate DJs in Oakville, then consider The Music Company.  You’ll be joining many satisfied customers who are pleased with our production approach and satisfied with our business approach.

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