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Wedding DJs and Music Services in Oakville

When it comes to planning a wedding, every couple has a priority list of what they want for the special day.   For some, the music and entertainment, and a great DJ, are priority items.  It’s not uncommon, since the music and entertainment will create an atmosphere of happiness for each guest in attendance.  Whatever wedding theme you decide on, it only makes sense that the DJ company is chosen with care.  After all, they will produce the music and entertainment that will make your event impressive, exciting, and memorable.

Because you’re the one creating the wedding of your dreams, you’re the one to be making the important decisions.  And there’s no shortage of information to help you decide, especially on the Internet.  In short, it’s important to evaluate all the information and make a decision that reflects what you want and what you love.  If you’re shopping for wedding DJs in Oakville, the process of picking and choosing will eventually bring you to a decision point.   At The Music Company, we’re positioned to produce the wedding event of your dreams.  We make sure to understand the nuances of your event, to recognize what you want, and to use our expertise to deliver results.  We know our business inside out:  our team includes music specialists, experts for the technical and production aspects, and event professionals.  Most importantly, we are set up to design and produce the music, entertainment and decor based on what YOU want to do!

At The Music Company,, we’ve produced well over 1,000 events, so we’re experienced enough to know what will work for you.  It doesn’t mean that we push our ideas into the forefront.  But it does mean that we can toss around ideas that will turn your dream of a wedding into reality.  We have all the production equipment, the light and sound technology, and the technical know-how to create and produce whatever theme you’re thinking of.  And because we’re passionate about everything we do, we’re happy to connect with your flow from when we start planning the event to the actual event day.

We know that the music and entertainment are essential in the search for a DJ – but we want to mention a few things that are just as important - reliability, professionalism, and integrity.  Hiring a DJ is a business endeavor, and a sound relationship is key to a productive association.  For instance, we always have a written contract - it’s for your benefit and for ours, and it’s the proper way to do business.  Everything is upfront - we fully appreciate each of our obligations; everyone’s expectations are clear and understood; and we have some built-in provisions in the event of something unexpected.

At TMC, we always meet with new clients face-to-face.  This gives everyone an opportunity to measure chemistry, and develop the kind of connection that helps to make the final decision.  You’ll also be able to meet your DJ (and MC) and have a chance to connect.  We usually work as a team, but we believe that personal interaction makes for the best relationship.

We also know that when shopping around you need time to decide, and that’s why we are prepared to “hold the date” for period of time.  We won’t be getting into high-pressure sales, and we won’t get into “up-selling” – all we want is to provide the best DJ services, and produce a wedding event that satisfies your needs, and leaves you gratified.

As our name implies, The Music Company, specializes in music.  Because we do all kinds of special events, our experience with music makes us comfortable whether it’s a corporate event or a wedding.  But beyond that, you will be telling us what YOU want, and that means we’ll create and produce the event that you envisage.

You should also know that we’re proud of our reputation.  For TMC, we want our clients to be satisfied with their production and with the services we are providing.  And when we’re done, we want those satisfied clients to refer friends and family - that’s how we build business.  So, as a prospective client, we encourage you to ask us for references.

The Music Company has worked out of many venues, and has likely worked at the location you have chosen.  But we always make sure to do our homework – we check out the space and the layout; we make sure we know the security protocol; we test out the acoustics; and we get familiar with the electrics.  We want to be ready when we arrive, and we want no surprises.

At TMC, we do not sub-contract or out-source any of our services.  We will be working with you throughout the course of the event, from the planning stages right to the day of the event.  Our roster includes some of the top DJs in the area.  We choose them for their unique skills and talents, and we assign them based on their suitability for your event.

When you hire TMC, we’re at your service, ready to satisfy your needs.  If you have a need for an MC, we can accommodate that; if you need special lighting or special effects, or unique decor we can do it; and whether you want quiet or loud, we can put it together.  It’s your wedding and your call, and we will deliver graceful and elegant, or loud and over-the-top.

There’s also the fun part!  We love tossing around ideas and themes, and we’re very passionate about the music programming.  Our library is extensive, and we’re able to source just about anything you desire.  We’ll work with you to make the wedding come alive; to keep your guests dancing; and to keep the energy flowing.

If you’re currently shopping for wedding DJs in Oakville, The Music Company should be on your list of options.  We’ve had many successful events over the years, and with hundreds of satisfied customers.  They’ve liked our service approach, appreciated our expertise, and been overjoyed with the final production.

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