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How to successfully produce your corporate event.

There’s a lot to consider when producing a corporate event, but everything stems from who you are, and what you’re about to do.  You might be a staff member, organizing an annual corporate event for your company; or an independent event specialist, creating a special event for a particular client; or even an event planning firm, producing big events for big clients.  Either way, the fundamentals are the same, and in each case, you’re spending valuable budget dollars that must be accounted for.

Needless to say, corporate events vary in scope, and the components of your event should reflect that scope.  So it’s critical to identify the components that will make the event successful – the shape and form of the music; the type of entertainment; the theme and decoration; and the technical aspects of sound and lighting.  It makes sense, then, to have clearly defined objectives.  A good set of objectives allows you to make smart planning decisions prior to the event, and gain perspective after the event.

More than likely, you’ll be using outside service providers for your corporate event – and it’s possible that the provider you choose can do it all for you, under one roof.  A company that specializes in DJ services, for instance, would be well versed in designing and creating a suitable music format, and have the additional expertise to handle the technical aspects of sound and lighting.  Beyond that, they’ll have the know-how to generate audience interest and interactivity.  Based on your needs, and your event, this “specialist” approach is an efficient way to execute, allowing you to focus on other priorities.

The success of your corporate event is entirely in your hands.  Satisfying the audience, the attendees, or the employees depends on decisions you make.  The event might only require background music, or for that matter, just a PA system for speeches and product presentations.  On the other hand, you may want to motivate the sales staff and employees with a big entertainment presentation.  In other words, if music and sound are pillars of the event, these should be attended to with more emphasis than the other components.  At the same time, work within your budget - music can be pre-recorded or live (a big difference in budget), and entertainment can be large-scale or small (also determined by budget).

Regardless of the event - if you’re having a theme, or if there is a pre-determined concept, then décor and colour scheme become components that require planning and coordination.  Once again, the music and entertainment component need to be thought out, since the music format and sound design will have to blend well with the theme.  The service providers you choose should have a level of proficiency to effectively mix and match event components that satisfy your needs, while striving for excellence.      
Last, but not least, technical and equipment requirements will require consideration, especially today, when everything has gone digital.  We’re talking about microphones and speakers; projectors and video devices; maybe even some high-tech streaming equipment.  Equipment like this requires the experts, so this is not a place to economize – in fact; a good music production company would be best suited to provide an all-inclusive package that takes the workload and responsibility off your shoulders.

At The Music Company we take corporate event production very seriously. We have been chosen by companies such as Ferrari who appreciate perfection just like us...

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