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E-vite and Mini-Website Design

When we say we’re full service - we really mean it!  For any of our event production services – from traditional Weddings to elaborate Corporate Events and Private Events, we can create a mini-website for your event - fully personalized, and super easy to use.  You can manage and administer your affair in a stress free atmosphere, on your own time, and in the leisure of your office or home. The Music Company will create a mini-website with a user-friendly interface to manage it with, We will offer you various design and style options and once it's set up we will connect it to all your social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Today, there’s no better way to do it – it’s all digital – all on-line – and we make it work so everything takes place under one roof.  Imagine having your event discription, your guest list (with an online RSVP option), image galleries (leading up to, during and after the event), menus and much more on your events' own website for all of your guests to interact with. How's that for a cool way to create excitement for your upcoming event.

The Music Company can also create and build a personalized e-vite for you; with a high end design, cutting edge visual effects and an event description to elaborate on your theme. It can be linked up with your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ accounts (or any social media channel you have).  We will send the e-vite out to all of your guests e-mail addresses and they will be able to RSVP right from ther computer or phone. They will have an opportunity to reply to your invitation with any additional personal comments.  This is social media at its best!  

When we create a mini website for your event, and depending on your specific needs, we have some great design ideas to choose from, and a great many extra features that may suit you, all depending on the size and scope of the event itself. You may actually want to turn the entire invitation process into a social communication centre amongst all your guests – a common place where everyone can communicate and connect, all through one interface.

We are creative people at The Music Company!  We come up with creative ideas all the time - for Weddings, Corporate Events and Private Events - or far that matter…any event that you want to plan.  Our e-vites and mini website creations are just part of our overall service package, with everything designed to set us apart from the rest, while keeping our clients happy and satisfied.

The experienced team at The Music Company brings more than 25 years of experience to every event.  We like to think of your special event, as our special event, so you’ll get a personal approach that will delight - hassle free, stress free and fun... just the way it should be.

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