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Corporate DJs and Event Music Services in Vaughan

Whether you’re a professional event planner with corporate clients, or the internal event planner for your company, putting together a corporate event is going to include a variety of components.  Quite likely, the event you’re planning will include some form of music or entertainment, or perhaps both.  And depending on the size and scope of the event, the music (as well as the venue, food and décor) will require some deliberation prior to decision-making.  If part of the process includes finding corporate DJs in Vaughan, then you should be considering The Music Company.

You’ll probably start the planning process by conceptualizing a theme for the event.  The theme, whether you plan to throw a corporate cocktail party or a more elaborate sales meeting, is going to be your starting point, and the whole tone of the event will emanate from that theme.  It will include most everything you decide to do:  the food, the décor, the entertainment, and the music.  Naturally, the theme you choose should suit the event, and should be in tune with the target audience and/or participants attending the event.

One critical component of your event is the budget - it affects everything you do and will obviously determine the priority of spending on the various components.  At The Music Company, we always work with our clients to accommodate project budgets.  It just doesn’t make sense for us to be offering anything that is outside the budget.  If you just need an MC, we can provide one; if you need a PA system or special lighting, we can set it all up; and if you decide to include music and some entertainment, we can do it all - quiet or loud, rock or middle-of-the-road.

The team at TMC works with you to support the entirety of the event – the concept, the theme, the production, and the budget.  We’ve done all kinds of corporate events, so we’re as comfortable at a huge product launch as we are at a more exclusive sales conference.  As the client, you will be telling us what YOU want, and we will be creating and producing everything according to your vision and based on your parameters.  Suffice to say that we have the music specialists, the production people, and the technical staff to provide you with results.

TMC delivers a professional work ethic - one that is based on reliability, trust, and integrity.  When you hire us as your corporate DJ, we see it as a business arrangement and a trusted relationship.  We provide a written contract that is designed to protect the client company and the DJ company, where everyone understands obligations and expectations, and where provisos are built in for anything that is unplanned or unexpected.  We always give prospective clients an opportunity to meet face-to-face, to experience some mutual chemistry, and to develop a connection. 

We know that shopping for corporate DJs in Vaughan requires time for decision-making.  At TMC, our policy is to give you time to decide.  We’ll hold your event date for a period of time, and look forward to locking it in when you decide.  We don’t get into high-pressure sales with our clients, and we won’t get into any up selling - we just want to provide the best possible DJ services, and an event that meets your needs and satisfies your expectations.  As well, we don’t sub-contract any tasks - we work with you from the planning stages, to idea development, to the event itself.

Over the years, the team at TMC has produced events throughout the region; perhaps even at the specific location you’ve chosen.  But we always do our homework:  we scout out the venue size and layout; we familiarize ourselves with any security protocols; we make sure the acoustics and electricals are adequate; and we check out the shipping and receiving.  As for the music and entertainment, we have some of the top corporate DJs in the area.  Each one is selected for their unique style and talent, and we assign them to an event based on suitability.

All of us at TMC are passionate about music.  Our collection is very extensive, and we’re able to source anything under the sun.  We also love coming up with innovative ideas and creative themes – not pushing those ideas onto clients, but working together to create and produce a good event.  We’ve been hired to do more than 1,000 events, so we know the kinds of things that work well and we know what to suggest for a successful event.  We have all of the technical equipment and technical knowledge to produce virtually any program you could ask for.  

From Day 1, TMC works according to your timetable constraints, your deadlines, and, of course, your budget guidelines.  Corporate DJ services is our livelihood, so we want to make sure that every client is satisfied with the event that we produce, with the services that they are paying for, and for the dollar value they are receiving.  More importantly, we want our clients to be satisfied enough to refer other corporate clients - that’s how we’ve built our business, and that’s why we encourage new clients to ask us for references.

For those event planners that really want to go all the way, we’ll even build you a mini-website for your event – it’ll be personalized, interactive, and easy-to-use.  You can manage the project more efficiently, in a stress free atmosphere, and with the option of assigning someone to handle that task alone.  The team at TMC will create a website with design options that match your event theme, and with social media components like Facebook and Twitter that connect everyone and keep everyone in the loop.

Whatever your corporate event or function - whether it’s a small gathering or large - we can help you to achieve your goals.  You might need only the basics, or you might want the works: music, entertainment, lights and special effects.  We can do it for you in a stress-free environment, and with great results.  So if you’re currently looking for corporate DJs in Vaughan, put The Music Company at the top of your list.  You’ll join our many satisfied customers, all of them happy with our approach, and pleased with our final production.

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