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DJ  Markoosh (a.k.a. Mark S1) Resident

The Music Company - Toronto DJs

At the age of 12 Mark S1 (now known as Markoosh) already had his hands on a pair of 1200s, a mixer and an empty club to practice DJing at every day after school... He was instantly addicted to mixing music and exciting crowds with it. Mark continued pursuing his passion of mixing and creating. Over the years Mark S1 performed at many clubs and venues in Toronto including legendary and world class dance arenas such as X-IT, Boa and Guvernment. 

Internationally, you may have heard Mark live in cities such as Miami, New York, Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa. For nearly 3 decades Mark has been spreading his love of music to thousands of dance fans around the world beleiving that an uplifting and cutting edge dance experience can change people for the better.

From Top 40 and commercial remixes to disco/funk/r&b, progressive/classic house, electro and far beyond... Mark delivers an exciting and uplifting progressive dance muzik experience that never disappoints!

In 2005 DJ Yahel recruited Mark S1 as an artist for his label FTP Music. Mark was a regularly featured guest on "The Yahel Show" on DI.FM and these two artists have performed together at many major events in North America.

Mark has also spent some time in the studio producing remixes and some original music with major Toronto talents like producer Lui Rizzuti (a.k.a. Nuff Stuff) and lendary club guitarist Sy Sylver, who on special occasions would join Markoosh on stage to create what they called the "club rock" experience, which they amazed crowds with together!


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