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How to best choose a DJ company for your special event?

The process is actually simple and straightforward – and you don’t need a fancy top-ten list.  You should be asking some basic questions, and getting some direct, frank and honest answers.  The fundamentals of the decision process will be the same for a wedding or bar mitzvah; convention or sales meeting; soiree or extravaganza – it’s just a matter of scale.

Planning for any event can be challenging, and fraught with surprises – so being well organized is always a good start.  As for choosing the right DJ company – this is as important as choosing your menu, your colour scheme, or your theme.  In fact, if we’re measuring importance by expenditure, DJ choice may well be near the top of the list.  And to underestimate the importance, is to risk the success of your event, because the DJ company you choose will sustain your theme; put everyone in a good mood; and otherwise energize the event.

Whether a DJ company has been referred to you, or you’ve sourced them independently, you should know about their experience.  How many years have they been in business?  Do they have expertise with your kind of event?  Can they provide references for you to contact?  Answers to these basic questions will help you create a profile - and during the information exchange, you’ll get a sense of compatibility.  If you don’t feel comfortable and confident at this stage, how will things progress further?

Now, regardless of budget, a face-to-face meeting with your prospective DJ company is imperative.  Phone calls and emails are not sufficient, and meeting the actual team assigned to your event is also in order.  The more hands-on you present yourself, the better – you will be setting a high standard for the company you plan to hire.  As well, the right DJ company will understand that your event needs to be perfect.

To be sure, the DJ team assigned to your event must be knowledgeable about the protocols associated with your particular occasion - a black tie event is much different than an intimate 60th birthday party – and the DJ team must fully appreciate this.  Remember, too, that anyone can hit start on a playlist, but it takes a real professional artist to create a mood; generate an atmosphere; and energize your guests on the dance floor with style and finesse.  And seeing that every event is unique and different, the DJ team you hire must be super-versatile; creative in a pinch; and able to connect with the audience organically.

As far as paperwork, a legally binding, written contract is an absolute necessity.  You don’t need a 14 pager with “fine print”, but you do need to cover all the relevant data - especially money related specifics, special music requests or technology requirements, and conditions for cancellation. This paperwork is designed for your protection, but also obligates the DJ company, and provides you both with protection.  

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